sad mad dad

by cascading failures

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this album was surprisingly not hard to make. i poured all the emotions i had into this album and i dont regret any song (no matter how severe and angry i got in some of them). i put them in order of when i wrote them so you can see my progress from heartbreak. the "im not angry anymore" cover represents how i am feeling as i posted this. i hope you enjoy this album


released October 15, 2016



all rights reserved


cascading failures Hamilton, Ontario

hi lol i dont make good music

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Track Name: :(
i thought i was getting over you
the best way i thought i could
occupying myself with mindless things and people
i don't care about
when i start to think of you
my body doesn't know what to do
and i break down
Track Name: i h8 u
you are all that's running through my mind all the time
now that you're gone i realized

i hope you go die
in a fucking hole
i hope nobody can find you
and your just an unwanted soul
i hate your ugly fucking face
i wanna punch you right in the middle of it
how dare you leave me just right here
you know that i just live in fear
this was my number one fear
and you fucking made it happen
and i wanna die
and there's nothing you can do but go fucking cry
and i have cried over a thousand times
over you
and im done crying
Track Name: fall asleep / fall in love
i would rather fall asleep
than fall in love with you
i would rather lie awake
than dream of you
and i just want to go home
but im scared that it might just turn into you
i just want to be in your arms
but i am too scared to
i hate you
and everything you had to do to forget about me
i would rather fall asleep
than fall back in love
with you
with you
Track Name: u break it u buy it
if u break it
u gotta buy it
so don't break my heart
if u break it
u gotta buy so don't tear me apart
i cant believe it
believe u did it
one minute u care
the next u don't give a shit about me
if u break it
u gonna buy
so why'd u break my heart?
if u break it
u gotta buy it
so why'd u tear me apart?
Track Name: road trip
i took a trip
trying to get away from you
i took a trip
but i noticed that you were there too
why cant i get away from you?
cause when i left
why did you have to be there too?
i took a trip
trying to get away from you
i took a trip
when i noticed you were there too
Track Name: crime scene
im gonna treat you like an old scab
peel you off and throw you away
i dont care if it starts bleeding
as long as the scab doesnt stay
im gonna treat you like a bandage
pull you off easy and clean
throw you out into the garbage
to keep you far away from me